Étiquette : Refugees

  • Zimbabwean refugees abused in South Africa

    (Source: Caritas Internationalis) They escaped with their lives from a country in collapse. They fled often with nothing. They came to the region’s richest and most powerful nation looking for protection. However, they have been welcomed with abuse, discrimination and a blindness to their plight. Approximately 3,000 Zimbabwean men, women, children and babies are trapped […]

  • Zimbabweans Flee From Horror To Horror

    South African Camp Provides New Slew of Challenges MUSINA, South Africa, FEB. 10, 2009 ( Zimbabwean refugees, fleeing the humanitarian crisis in their own country, have found an equally « horrendous » situation in the South African camp where they are being held, says Caritas Internationalis. Caritas reported today that an estimated 3,000 men, women and children […]