Étiquette : IMBISA

  • Flood disaster in Namibia

    Severe flooding affected two extensive areas in the North of Namibia during the month of March 2009. Sister Aine Hughes, Caritas Zonal Coordinator for IMBISA, who recently visited Namibia, gives an update of the situation, two months after the heavy flooding. Numbers of people affected Approximately 700 000 people have been directly or indirectly affected […]

  • Zimbabwe’s hunger

    Children in Zimbabwe are fainting at school from hunger – well at least in the schools where there are teachers. The cost of travelling to their job and buying lunch is often too much for their small salaries. At home, mum or dad might skip a meal or two so there’s enough left for the […]

  • Zimbabwe: No country for old men

    Until recently, wheelbarrows in Zimbabwe were used to ferry about huge amounts of cash to buy basic food stuffs. The economy was crumbling and hyperinflation meant that even though people were suddenly millionaires, all they could afford was a loaf of bread. Then, as a cholera epidemic swept the country they were used to carry […]