Étiquette : Conflicts

  • Sudan bishop urges immediate end to conflict in Sudan

    15 June 2011 (Version française) Over 60 000 people have been forced from their homes by fighting in South Kordofan, in the border region between north Sudan and soon to be formed Republic of South Sudan. Caritas fears a humanitarian crisis is rapidly developing due to the conflict and a lack of access to the […]

  • Caritas aid worker killed in Congo

    Caritas Internationalis is condemning the growing climate of insecurity in eastern Congo following the killing of a Caritas staff member who worked for Caritas France (Secours Catholique). Ricky Agusa Sukaka, 27, was shot dead in Musezero, North Kivu, on the way home from work on the afternoon of 15 July. When his colleagues found him, […]

  • Caritas urges global solidarity on “Zimbabwe Sunday”

    13 February 2009 Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Lesley-Anne Knight is sending a message of solidarity to the people and Church of Zimbabwe for “Zimbabwe Sunday” on 15 February on behalf of all 162 national Caritas members. The Southern Africa Catholic bishops declared the date as Zimbabwe Sunday in an attempt to raise concern for the […]

  • Zimbabwean refugees abused in South Africa

    (Source: Caritas Internationalis) They escaped with their lives from a country in collapse. They fled often with nothing. They came to the region’s richest and most powerful nation looking for protection. However, they have been welcomed with abuse, discrimination and a blindness to their plight. Approximately 3,000 Zimbabwean men, women, children and babies are trapped […]

  • Zimbabweans Flee From Horror To Horror

    South African Camp Provides New Slew of Challenges MUSINA, South Africa, FEB. 10, 2009 ( Zimbabwean refugees, fleeing the humanitarian crisis in their own country, have found an equally « horrendous » situation in the South African camp where they are being held, says Caritas Internationalis. Caritas reported today that an estimated 3,000 men, women and children […]