Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

The vision of Caritas Africa is to have life in its fullness (John 10:10).

Our mission

To bear witness to the Love of God (Acts 1:8) by working for the integral development of the human being with priority attention to the poor and the most destitute.

Our values


Confronted by global poverty and suffering, the fundamental response of Caritas is compassion rooted in love. Caritas refuses to accept the suffering of brothers and sisters and takes action to alleviate such suffering.


Caritas’ hope is inspired by Christian faith and the strength and resourcefulness of its partners and the people whom they serve.  In the knowledge that Christian hope is not passive, Caritas believes that by working together, a better world can and must be achieved so that all can enjoy fullness of life.


Caritas sees the poor as dignified human beings not hopeless objects of pity and works with them to build a better future for them. Caritas believes in the intrinsic dignity of every person and that all women and men are equal. Caritas works with all people regardless of race, gender, religion or politics.


Caritas believes that one cannot make a gift of something a person should already have by right.  Caritas challenges economic, social, political and cultural structures that are opposed to a just society.


Caritas works to enhance solidarity with the poor, seeing the world through their eyes, and recognising the interdependence of humanity.

Fraternal Cooperation and Communion

Caritas builds links between communities across the world, acknowledging that all receive as well as give. Caritas works within and beyond the Catholic family seeking justice to change the world for the better.


Caritas believes the planet and all its resources are entrusted to humankind and seeks to act in an environmentally responsible way as true stewards of creation.