Malawians Empowered To Hold Public Officers Accountable

Faith based establishment, CCJP, is implementing a project which seeks to enhance citizen participation in holding the government of Malawi accountable to public funds.
The Caritas Secretary at Karonga diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Malawi said the Citizen Action in Local Governance and Accountability (CALGA) project seeks to equip  stakeholders like councilors and members of Area Development Committees (ADCs) with information regarding the guidelines behind public funds with a focus on community development funds (CDF) and district development funds (DDF).
Louis Nkhata explained that the guidelines which the government has put forward are not known by everyone as some people have the information while others not, hence they decided to start imparting knowledge about the guidelines to councilors and ADC members.
Nkhata said the CALGA project seeks to hold government accountable for the resources that are given to transform the life of a common Malawian.




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