Experiences of Local Faith Actors in Disaster Risk Reduction, COVID-19 Response and Humanitarian Localization.

This report is a result of an online inquiry that was conducted from 17th August to 20th December 2020 by Caritas Africa, in collaboration with CAFOD to assess humanitarian programming by National Caritas Organizations. The study collected responses from 30 out of 46 Caritas Africa Member Organizations. This review was complemented by discussions on Humanitarian Localisation with 6 National Caritas Organisations in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda. This inquiry further involved consultations with Caritas Internationalis members supporting humanitarian work in these countries.

The information mapping exercise sought to:

(1) Assess Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction activities in-country

(2) Identify trends and opportunities in humanitarian localization

(3) To deepen the understanding of the nature of humanitarian programming by Caritas Organizations working in Africa

The findings provide information on the local context, gaps and challenges faced by Caritas Africa Member Organisations in response to the pandemic and identifies the capacity strengthening needs for MOs in dealing with the pandemic, further it demonstrates the role of local communities in the humanitarian-development and peace nexus, by shaping and influencing legislation on disaster management and the overall humanitarian context.

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