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    Caritas Africa, Caritas Southern Sudan, Caritas Zambia, KATC and JENA, are calling for a COP27 outcome that supports agroecology to help channel climate finance to small-scale producers in Southern Sudan, Zambia and the African continent.Read more…

  • Position of Caritas Africa, SECAM and JENA on the UN Food Systems Summit

    Position of Caritas Africa, SECAM and JENA on the UN Food Systems Summit

    This position paper covers Caritas Africa’s, Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network Africa’s (JENA), and the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar’s (SECAM) recommendations to the Summit on seed, food, and policy related issues. It provides a summary of what the Africa region hopes to see as points of discussion and outcomes from the […]

  • Severe Drought Brings Starving Kenyans to Church Doorsteps

    When her pantry runs dry, Agnes Mwikali walks down a dusty road to the local Roman Catholic Church mission. There, beyond the metal gate and the church garden where the crops are withering, she steps into the administration building and asks for a 4-pound bag of cornmeal. In Thatha, her home, about 93 miles northeast […]

  • Food waste: harvesting Spain's unwanted crops to feed the hungry

    Spain’s gleaning movement has grown rapidly in response to austerity, harvesting imperfect fruit and veg – that would otherwise be wasted – for food banks. Now its own line of jams, soups and sauces is taking off too. (More)

  • Church in Ethiopia Launches Irrigation Project, Farmers to Increase Productivity

    On 14 June 2016, the Catholic Church in Ethiopia launched a 3-million-Euro irrigation scheme project targeting 1 200 households. The irrigation scheme has the potential to irrigate some 450 hectares of land. Constructed at Azezera Beredu Kebele of Arsi Zone, the project, which includes Women Saving and Credit Cooperative, has been implemented by the Ethiopian […]

  • Church to use its idle land in Africa for Agriculture

    Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (KCCB) Pontifical Missionary Society (PMS) National Director, Fr. Celestino Bundi has said the Catholic Church has elaborate structures and capacity to play a part in human existence-food security. Following this realisation, 40 pilot agricultural projects in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Kenya have been launched. More

  • Southern Africa’s food crisis in numbers

    According to the World Food Programme (WFP), Southern Africa is facing the threat of extensive crop failures this year as a result of record low rainfall in a region in which 29 million people already do not have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food. “With little or no rain falling in many areas and the […]

  • SAN : lancement d'un nouveau projet de CARITAS Mali pour la réduction de l'insécurité alimentaire

    SAN : lancement hier (13/01/2016) à San d’un nouveau projet de CARITAS Mali pour la réduction de l’insécurité alimentaire. 2 400 ménages vont bénéficier de ce projet. Il va contribuer au renforcement de la sécurité alimentaire des communautés par la constitution des réserves en céréales dans les villages et à lutter contre la spéculation abusive […]

  • Contre la malnutrition infantile et la maltraitance des enfants talibés, Caritas Saint Louis (Senegal) engage le combat

    Caritas Saint Louis développe actuellement plusieurs programmes pour lutter contre la malnutrition infantile, l’insécurité alimentaire et trouver des cadres de vie meilleurs pour les enfants talibés qui viennent d’un peu partout pour apprendre le coran dans la partie Nord du Sénégal. Elle s’intéresse également aux questions liées aux droits humains, en particulier aux droits des […]