Caritas Zambia Kumena project : case studies from the ground and documentary

Caritas Zambia through its local partner Caritas Kabwe are implementing a project called Kumena Project (Kumena meaning ‘To grow’ ) which is an agricultural project initiating the Catholic teaching mission of the gospel of Christ Jesus. The project is working with 1,082 resource-poor farming families in three areas Kapiri Mposhi, Chibombo and Chisamba districts of Central Province of Zambia.  It is funded by the Scottish government through Scottish Catholic Iinternational Aid Fund (SCIAF). The project seeks to address a number of issues which among them include: Household food, nutrition and income security; reduce child marriage; empower women and the youth, and adult functional literacy. This is done through the adoption of Sustainable Organic Agricultural practices which increase crop and vegetable yields, and value addition e.g. processing peanuts into peanut butter and groundnuts into oil. The project focuses on the well-being of women and girls, and works to reduce child marriage in the project sites.

The project also seeks to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 No Poverty through agricultural livelihoods development, Goal 2 Zero hunger through increasing yields and farm levels of production, Goal 5 Gender Equality through promoting respect for women’s rights and their full participation in all project activities, Goal 13 Climate Action through establishing energy efficient stoves and reducing charcoal making and burning, Goal 15 Life on Land through promotion of sustainable agricultural & livestock husbandry practices, and Goal 17 Partnership for the Goals through working with Zambian partners.

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