Caritas urges global solidarity on “Zimbabwe Sunday”

13 February 2009
Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Lesley-Anne Knight is sending a message of solidarity to the people and Church of Zimbabwe for “Zimbabwe Sunday” on 15 February on behalf of all 162 national Caritas members.
The Southern Africa Catholic bishops declared the date as Zimbabwe Sunday in an attempt to raise concern for the humanitarian, political and economic crisis engulfing the country.
Half of Zimbabweans rely on food aid to survive, a cholera epidemic has killed 3,500 so far out of 71,000 cases, and the country’s economic, health, educational infrastructure has collapsed.
Lesley-Anne Knight said, “The people of Zimbabwe need our solidarity in this time of crisis and tragedy. Reports from Caritas staff on the ground are of acute need among the majority of people. The lack of food will be peaking over the next few weeks, a cholera epidemic has already killed too many, and the suffering is deepening.
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