Caritas Tanzania

Caritas TanzaniaCaritas Tanzania was established by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) in 1971 with the aim to coordinate charitable as well as social development activities in the dioceses of Tanzania; as such, it is the socio-economic wing (or department) of TEC. Caritas Tanzania activities are to empower communities to improve their living conditions through equality between men and women and development programmes, emergency relief and humanitarian assistance and skill training to promote income generating activities (IGA) of CT.

Caritas Tanzania are active in the following areas of humanitarian programmes :

  • Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) Programme
  • Improving Quality of Management of Community Development Programmes in the Dioceses of Tanzania
  • Further Support to the ‘National Gender and Development Programme’
  • Integrated Drought Recovery Programme
  • Gender Equality and Human Rights Project

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Caritas Tanzania main office in Dar es Salaam employs 11 staff. The main office serves the 34 Catholic Dioceses in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. Caritas Tanzania is governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by the Bishop Chairman, an includes elected representatives from the level of diocesan Caritas/Development Offices. The Board is responsible for policy development and the strategic orientation of CT; they play a supervisory and advisory role with respect to the services and programmes undertaken by CT.

Caritas Tanzania works in partnership and receives support from the Caritas Internationalis confederation, such as Caritas Africa, Caritas Germany, Caritas Australia and Caritas AMECEA (Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa). In addition, the agency represents TEC in a number of national networks (e.g. Tanzania Coalition for Debt and Development, Tanzania Gender Networking Programme, Tanzania Ecumenical Dialogue Group).